Innovation in avian disease control strategies and vaccine administration

Poultry production will remain a key source of protein globally and disease challenges are becoming more complex and endemic. Global poultry producers are demanding more innovative solutions capable of efficiently prevent and control diseases.

The 4th Merial Global Avian Forum, besides celebrating 10 years of protection from Vaxxitek HVT+IBD consisted of 2 days presentations and interactive discussions with many global experts in disease control strategies and vaccine administration.
All topics discussed over these intensive 2 days were focusing on how to help avian producers to feed the world in accordance to their customer expectations.
This included:

  • Vaxxitek HVT+IBD worldwide field experience in broilers and pullets.
  • Marek's disease evolution & control strategies
  • Vaxxitek HVT+IBD worldwide field experiences in broilers and pullets
  • Vector vaccine technology updates
  • Chick quality: hatchery impact on broiler performance
  • Gut health and broiler performance
  • Emerging and re-emerging poultry diseases: updates & management
  • Poultry laboratory diagnostics session
  • Interactive Q&A sessions

At Merial, we have one mission : Helping you feed the world with safe, affordable, and sustainable quality poultry meat & eggs through improved performance made possible by excellence in people, products, and services.
We are dedicated to the meaningful relationships that help you succeed.
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Please enjoy the access to all the materials developed for the Forum.


For any question related to the event and its content, please contact your local Merial representative.​